The Management Team

Committed to the family

Digitization, new cyber threats and regulatory requirements: For fast and well grounded decisions, infodas relies on a strong management team with extensive knowledge in Cybersecurity, IT and one vision. We always maintain a controversial, open and respectful exchange of opinions. We value our diversity from all academic disciplines and career paths.

Thorsten Ecke

Managing Director

Carsten Schulz

Managing Director

Lutz Franken

Managing Director

Marc Akkermann

Director National Sales

Dr. Alexander Koenen

Director Solutions

Severin Quell

Director IT Security Consulting

Dr. Alexander Schellong

VP Global Business

Matthias Szymansky

Director IT Consulting

Marco Eimuth

Head of Organisation

Stefan Grollius

Head of Research & Development

Marion Konnerth

Head of Projects


Thomas Kopetsch

Head of Finance

Christian Tillmann

Head of Products