SDoT Secure Integrated Services® &
SDoT Secure Depository®

In its SDoT® product family INFODAS has developed pioneering solutions for satisfying requirements in high-security operations.

The SDoT SIS® & SD® (Secure Integrated Service & Secure Depository) electronic CI registry and its components are a solution for the policy-compliant processing and administration of digital classified information for information-processing systems. It maps both the electronic CI registry and also the physical CI registry. This enables consistent and transparent CI verification management with no breaks in media. The foundations of this are the applicable guidelines regarding the Classified Material Instructions (CMI) and the associated implementing provisions of A-1130/1 and A-1130/2 – Military security in the Bundeswehr, A-960/1 – IT security in the Bundeswehr and the Handbook of Industrial Security. At the heart of the CI registry solution lies the electronic CI registry that is connected to the electronic diary of the physical CI registry via an interface. The physical and electronic CI handling processes are merged via this interface. This results in a CI registry that ensures that the CI processes are performed in compliance with policies across both “worlds”. SDoT SIS® & SD® was developed with the philosophy of full integration into the technical processes and applications.