SDoT Product Family

Cross Domain Solutions Made in Germany for the toughest and most sensitive environments worldwide

Key Features

L4 Microkernel OS with Secure Boot
Hardened HSM
Hardware Separation
DoS Mitigation
Secure Administration



SDoT Microkernel OS (MOS)

All SDoT products use SDoT MOS, a proprietary microkernel operating system with proven security and separation mechanisms. Vulnerabilities like buffer overflows, memory leaks or deadlocks are avoided. Compared to standard operating systems such as Linux or Windows with a 15 to 50 million lines of code, SDoT MOS has only 15,000 lines of code. SDoT MOS is based on the L4 microkernel (µ-kernel) family, which goes back to the work of German computer scientist Jochen Liedtke. Other variations of L4 are used in Apple processors, Qualcomm chips or for autonomous systems (e.g. drones).


Cross Domain Solution Scenarios

The Secure Domain Transition (SDoT) product family allows controlled unidirectional or bi-directional exchange of data between networks/systems of different sensitivity level as well as the creation of NATO STANAG 4774/8 compliant and tamper proof security labels. The SDoT product family offers the most comprehensive cross domain solutions on the market for network security and data leakage prevention (DLP). SDoT products enable digitization in sensitive or highly critical areas, as data is exchanged and made available in a controlled manner while sensitive data remains protected.

What are Cross Domain Solutions?


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