IT systems and applications within a company or organisation must operate securely and reliably. Any disruptions or outages that occur could have a significant impact on ordinary business operations.
For that reason precise contingency plans are vital. INFODAS GmbH relies on tried-and-tested standards such as BSI Standard 100-4 for implementing a contingency plan.
IT contingency management is divided into the fields of contingency planning and emergency response. Contingency planning works proactively, whilst emergency response is reactive on the occurrence of an incident.
An IT contingency planning concept can be drawn up using the following steps based on BSI Standard 100-4, for example:

  • Dependency analysis
  • Establishing continuity strategies
  • Contingency conception

However, an IT contingency plan must always be geared towards an organisation’s individual character and its special requirements.
INFODAS GmbH offers many years of experience in this field and will work with you to devise a specific IT contingency planning concept or emergency manual. INFODAS GmbH has demonstrated its high levels of skills and quality in the area of IT contingency planning over the course of many projects, some of which also involved highly complex IT infrastructures.